All types of commercial real estate properties, including land parcels, are great assets for telecommunications income. From some of the largest real estate players in the US to owners of individual properties, Vertical Bridge represents a large variety of asset types and owners. Whether you are a small real estate owner or a large, publicly traded REIT, Vertical Bridge is a proven partner.

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Vertical Bridge has an unparalleled focus on co-locating telecom infrastructure on non-owned assets. We have created hundreds of millions of dollars in recurring revenue for our clients by leasing unused or un-leasable portions of their properties. 

Building owners look to Vertical Bridge to bring income to otherwise unused space on their rooftops. We employ world class systems and workflows, and unlike many of our competitors, our systems are designed from the ground up to accommodate the unique needs of building owners. Our owner's portal is a web-site specifically designed for each owner, and it is an up to the last second snapshot of rent roll, pending deals, deals signed, other reports and a document repository.


As the largest privately held tower owner and operator in the U.S., Vertical Bridge offers tremendous advantages to landowners. Our experience and knowledge allows us to eliminate the middle man so landowners generate more income. Additionally, our national scope and private company structure allow us to find quick and efficient solutions as well as adapt to our landowners' needs, resulting in greater benefits and customer service.  

Safety, reliability and limited access to your structures are our number one priority, and our dedicated team of former utility experts is second to none.

Vertical Bridge has a proven long term track record of helping utility owners generate revenue from their assets. We work closely with owners to bring them new revenue by adding assets to existing utility structures such as communications and transmission towers, generating facilities, water tanks, and substations. We place assets at the front of carriers’ target lists to maximize income opportunities, and our experienced leadership and knowledge allow us to manage the process for owners, according to their processes, so their employees can stay focused on their businesses.

At 40-80 feet in height, billboards have become an attractive asset class for telecommunications providers. Vertical Bridge can market your billboards to carriers and maximize your revenue opportunity – both short and long term. We can also manage all aspects of the process so your employees can stay focused where they need to: your core business.

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