Vertical Bridge helps wireless operators bolster both capacity and coverage with a portfolio of colocation sites that spans all 50 states and includes a variety of asset types. Our tenants are leaders in their industries and include major telecommunication carriers, federal, state and local government agencies, IoT providers, Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) and others who deploy wireless solutions.

With tens of thousands of sites across the country, we ensure carriers’ signals reach their customers faster. We deliver an error-free, quick, and consistent service and our experts focus on providing your network with the right infrastructure, whether it’s a small cell, macro tower or something else entirely. We manage every process efficiently and without delay from the receipt of colocation applications to lease executions and issuing notice-to-proceed to the tenant.

With the promise of 5G-enabled smart cities on the horizon, town, city, state and federal planners must start thinking about how to incorporate the infrastructure that will support connectivity. Vertical Bridge has proven experience meeting the needs of governments on large, multi-year wireless infrastructure programs and we create favorable contracts for government agencies, acting as either their long-term site tenants or landlords. 

As technology evolves at an unprecedented speed, WISPs face new and unique challenges. Vertical Bridge recognizes these roadblocks and offers an expansive portfolio of towers and other assets to get WISPs online and in service. We have multiple opportunities for machine-to-machine communications and are dedicated to helping networks grow, expand coverage and increase capacity for our tenants.

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