The Vertical Bridge portfolio is designed to offer wireless, broadcast, WISPs and IoT providers a variety of solutions to fit their network needs. Our sites are located in all 50 states, in urban, suburban, traffic corridor and rural locations and often in areas where there are no other competing or available structures. We’re able to colocate your wireless antennas in hard-to-zone areas, and we offer significant opportunities to our clients to enhance their subscribers’ experience via improved network performance.

We also build with an eye towards capacity to allow for more communication tenants. We can provide sizeable ground space so carriers can place on-the-ground equipment such as C-RAN hubs.

Wireless and broadcast carriers need a partner who can help them evolve their networks, whether for 5G, relocating post-repack or the transition to new technologies. Vertical Bridge is the largest private owner and manager of broadband towers in the country, and we own the nation’s largest portfolio of broadcast towers. Our multi-tenant, long-term leasing model ensures that carriers always have new site options and the ability to connect with their customers.

The wireless industry has had to evolve quickly and seamlessly in recent years to keep up with the exponential growth in consumer data usage. This has meant finding new ways to boost network capacity and coverage beyond traditional macro towers, which may not be feasible in urban or suburban areas where they are most often stressed. We offer a variety of structures for small cell colocation to help our customers to deliver better networks to their customers including billboards, street furniture, rooftops and more.

As (5G Networks) the mobile-first lifestyle continues to gather steam, requirements for additional bandwidth, ultra-low latency and transport cost reduction will be key factors to deliver content at the speed consumers want or need. That’s why Vertical Bridge has teamed up with our sister company DataBank, a leading provider of managed data center solutions, to develop micro data centers and enable edge computing. Built at the base of communication towers, these structures can store commonly accessed content, eliminating the need for a cloud interface and exponentially reducing latency and delivery times. Our micro data centers bring together two expert teams with a shared vision to offer carriers a new solution in wireless connectivity.

Nearly 80 percent of cellular traffic originates indoors, but most commercial properties under 500,000 square feet still lack consistent wireless connectivity. Yet, for building owners and carriers, having a strong network signal can be a huge draw for potential tenants, especially in an internet-focused world. Unfortunately, the traditional, capital expenditure-based model for in-building wireless networks is expensive for commercial property owners and difficult for carriers to maintain.

To help solve this problem, Vertical Bridge has partnered with Zinwave, a company focused on providing in-building wireless solutions. Together, we have created a new model that is based on operating expenses, just like a tower. It’s less expensive for building owners and more seamless for carriers. Everyone wins - including your tenants.

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