Vertical Bridge has established a strong track record for reaching agreements and finishing projects on time, on budget and with minimal hassle for our partners. Our reputation for fast, friendly and flexible service is important to us, and it shows in everything we do. With our established network, collaborative approach and experienced management team, Vertical Bridge understands what clients need and how to provide it.

With more than 307,000 owned and managed sites across the country, Vertical Bridge offers wireless and broadcast carriers and other telecom companies the locations needed to reach their customers. We own more than 6,000 macro towers, making us the largest private owner of towers in the country. Our broadcast tower portfolio is also both the largest and, on average, the tallest, in the U.S.

Our leasing and operations teams have unrivaled knowledge in communication infrastructure and are committed to providing an efficient, seamless process. We offer long term leases that are designed to benefit everyone involved, and our pre-negotiated master lease agreements give carriers the ease and speed they’re looking for when it comes to deploying their network.

For more information on leasing with Vertical Bridge, contact a Regional Leasing Manager or Leasing Specialist

Vertical Bridge works with municipalities, carriers, and site acquisition resources across the country to build new towers in prime locations. We find the locations that resolve coverage gaps and capacity concerns and implement a fast and flexible solution for clients.

Our team has built thousands of towers for customers in all 50 states. We can take on a build-to-suit project at any stage, managing it with ease and expertise. Whether from the ground up or in the final stages of development, we have the ability to handle projects of any size.

For more information on our build-to-suit services, contact our Development Team.

For tower, billboard or other asset owners looking to generate income through a partial or full sale of their portfolio, Vertical Bridge ensures you get the value you want. We close deals quickly and at fair prices, whether it’s for one or 100 towers. Our experts turn around a valuation analysis without delay and follow through with a swift closing.

For more information on making money from your assets, contact our M&A Team

Vertical Bridge offers a suite of solutions for property owners who want to maximize their revenue generation opportunities from the unused portions of their structures and properties. Our real estate team helps building, tower, billboard and utility owners market their property to carriers and manages the leasing process from start to finish. We understand the needs of carriers, the sites they need to grow their networks, as well as the needs of the property owner and how their assets can help the carriers

For more information on how to earn additional revenue from your property, contact our Real Estate Team.

Where Are Vertical Bridge's 307,000 Assets Located?