Feb 11, 2020
The deal would reduce the number of big national carriers from four to three. Dish Network says it will build a replacement, but skeptics doubt its commitment.
Jan 14, 2020
Any 2020 forecast for the tower industry begins with the same question. Will the Sprint/T-Mobile merger pass muster with the courts or not? As we near the long-overdue decision, many believe the tower industry stands to benefit either way. The only difference, according to C-level executives, would be the timing.
Jan 09, 2020
Bernard Borghei, executive VP of operations and co-founder of Vertical Bridge, spoke with eDigest on the key issues and trends facing the tower industry as we end 2019 and set off on the new year.
Jan 07, 2020
How one privately held company is advancing wireless communication
Jan 06, 2020
Most would agree that while the wireless sector started 2019 off strong, it did not maintain its momentum for the whole year. Although 2019 wasn’t necessarily bad, it certainly wasn’t the sector’s best year in recent memory. Despite eye-catching headlines, much of this year’s news revolved around expectations of what’s to come, rather than explaining what’s already happening in the sector. And, while looking ahead is good, we need to understand where we are, so we can think about where we are going.


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