Over the past few years, the broadcast industry has faced significant disruption from new technologies and equipment, the broadcast incentive auction, repack and other changes. And, like telecommunications, many of these changes are being driven by pressure to meet increased consumer demand for content.

It’s more imperative than ever to deliver content across multiple platforms and with minimal interference in signal. Vertical Bridge ensures radio and television broadcasters are able to reach their customers without disruption.

With more than 4,000 towers, we own the largest private portfolio of broadcast towers in the U.S., and we manage thousands more. Our sites are located in every major market across the country, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Whether it’s installing single frequency antennas, optimizing sites for ATSC 3.0, or meeting the FCC’s repack deadlines, we have the expertise broadcasters need. Our sites and rooftop installations cover all categories including AM and AM-directional sites, FM and TV. We assist with site design as well as FCC compliance matters, and our engineers are able to handle even the most complex broadcast installations.

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