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Industry Partners

Partnership Opportunities

At Vertical Bridge, we pride ourselves on being a true business partner to wireless operators and broadcasters, as well as real estate owners looking to maximize return on their assets. We give them a reliable, friendly and knowledgeable team on the cutting edge of communication infrastructure. We don’t have complicated approval processes. We make quick decisions, and we work efficiently. We offer flexible programs that put the needs of our clients first.

Wireless Operators

Vertical Bridge helps wireless operators bolster capacity and coverage with a portfolio of both acquired and built colocation sites, as well as unique real estate sites that span nationwide. Our tenants are industry leaders and include major telecommunication carriers, government agencies, Internet of Things (IoT) providers, Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) and others.

Real Estate

We have created hundreds of millions of dollars in value for our partners by leasing unused or previously unleasable portions of their properties. Whether you are a small building developer, a billboard portfolio owner, or a REIT, Vertical Bridge can help you understand your property’s revenue potential.


Our sites and rooftop installations cover all categories including AM, AM-directional, FM and TV. We assist with site design and FCC compliance matters, and our engineers can handle even the most complex broadcast installations. Whether it’s installing single-frequency antennas, optimizing sites for ATSC 3.0 or meeting the FCC’s repack deadlines, we have the expertise broadcasters need.

Ground & Building Owners

As a real estate owner with a wireless lease on your property, securing an easement with Vertical Bridge can both generate immediate cash flow and lead to maximizing the long-term revenue potential of your site.

Extend Your Network's Reach

The online colocation application makes it easy to complete and manage both Broadband and Broadcast applications. This automated management tool is designed to capture all relevant information upfront to ensure an efficient and seamless colocation process.