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Edge to Suit®

Network Infrastructure


To meet the increasing demand for broadband and ultra low latency 5G services, carriers must implement edge computing innovations. Our solution architecture employs physical proximity and cutting-edge connectivity to increase bandwidth while reducing transport and backhaul costs. This approach enables emergent technologies like autonomous vehicles, robotics and assisted surgery and augmented/virtual reality applications.

Site Acquisition Services

Vertical Bridge will provide site acquisition services related to identifying, qualifying and securing suitable locations for deploying edge micro data centers per its clients’ network architecture requirements. As part of our site acquisition process, we handle ground lease negotiations and execution with the land or property owner, title, environmental and lease drawings as well as exhibit activities.

Micro Data Center Construction and Maintenance Services

Vertical Bridge conducts all regulatory compliance due diligence. This includes Phase I, NEPA, surveys, zoning and permitting tasks, site construction design and drawings, and construction management, including power and fiber delivery to the site. VB will provide a fenced, graded, utility-ready site with all necessary conduits and pads already in place. Our edge micro data center clients only have to deliver their shelter and equipment to the site and then easily install, connect and turn on. We manage the ongoing maintenance of the site compound, access road and other RE maintenance-related requirements.

Obtaining Environmental and Other Governmental Permits

As part of our overall development process, which includes all site acquisition and construction tasks, we perform all necessary and required tasks as per the local, state and federal regulations, including environmental (Phase I), NEPA, zoning, permitting, closeout packages and COO (Certificate of Occupancy).

Pioneering Edge to Suit­­®

Edge Computing locations should be where the network architecture requires it – near where data is generated, collected and analyzed. We have partnered with leading providers of distributed enterprise-class data center cloud and interconnection services to deploy edge data centers at existing telecom sites and non-telecom locations. Our flexibility enables us to meet the growing need for Edge to Suit® deployments as the shift from content delivery to wireless grows, achieving the ultra-low latency and higher bandwidth requirements of the new 5G SA networks.


Physical assets in the form of towers, excess lands, power, fiber, HVAC and land development services for Edge to Suit®


Expertise in design, operation and maintenance of modular database locations


Edge Data Centers built at the base of communication towers, enabling edge computing

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Our flexible leasing model helps carriers keep their customers connected.

In-Building Wireless

Connectivity for existing buildings, without capital expenditures.

Small Cells

Urban-friendly colocation structures including billboards, street furniture, retail stores, rooftops, towers and more.