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Your Rooftop is Valuable!

Maximize Your Rooftop's Value with a Lump Sum Cash Payout

If you’re a building owner with a rooftop lease, you know that creating revenue streams from unused rooftop space is a great source of additional income. With the right partner, you also have the potential to access extra cash – right upfront – and increase your monthly revenue stream. Vertical Bridge has you covered with our Rooftop Lease Buyout Program. As the largest private wireless infrastructure company in the U.S., we’ve created hundreds of millions of dollars in value for our partners. Our approach yields three terrific benefits for rooftop owners:

Lump Sum Cash Payout

A rooftop lease buyout provides you immediate access to cash. Many of our partners utilize these funds to expand their portfolios, upgrade facilities, pay off debt, build a nest egg and accomplish additional financial goals.

Build New Revenue

It pays to know how to market your space to the best possible tenants to increase your revenue. Our national rooftop leasing team focuses exclusively on marketing your properties. With MLAs in place with all major wireless carriers, we know how to leverage your real estate to meet the carriers’ network demands.

Trusted Partner

As a REIT we understand building owners’ needs and treat your property like it’s our own. Our experienced operations team has decades of collective experience. We’re dedicated to managing the process and any new tenants we bring to your properties – all so you can focus on your core business and avoid the managerial headache of site logisitcs.

Learn How You Can Maximize Your Revenue with Our Rooftop Lease Buyout Program

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