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Powering Broadcast Growth

The significant growth of Vertical Bridge’s broadcast business during a challenging time is largely due to our broadcast team. With over 200 years of experience in all areas of broadcast, our team has built new tall tower facilities, coordinated several of the most difficult FCC-mandated repack projects, and assisted broadcasters and their consultants with new locations maximizing their market coverage and improving their operational efficiencies.

We own the largest private portfolio of broadcast towers in the U.S. and we manage thousands more. Our sites are in every major market across the country, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

A Signal Solution

It’s more imperative than ever to deliver content across multiple platforms and with minimal interference in signal and operations. Vertical Bridge ensures radio and television broadcasters can reach their customers without disruption.

Whether it's optimizing sites for Next-Gen TV or considering new broadcast locations, we have the expertise broadcasters need. Our sites and rooftop installations cover all categories of broadcast and new technologies. We can assist with site design as well as FCC compliance matters and our Engineering Team has handled the most complex broadcast challenges to date.


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