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Real Estate

Real Estate Assets

Commercial real estate buildings and structures of all kinds and land parcels are great assets for generating income from telecommunications infrastructure. Vertical Bridge is a proven partner, whether you are a publicly-traded REIT, a small building owner, or a billboard portfolio owner.

For building owners who want to earn additional income from their rooftops, as well as those seeking a third-party manager for infrastructure already placed on their properties, Vertical Bridge’s Real Estate Team delivers.

We focus on protecting our partners’ assets while securing long term leases with trusted tenants that earn our partners' significant revenue. We take a full-service approach, which allows partners to dedicate their time to their core business: owning, managing and renting their building’s space. We employ world-class systems and workflows and unlike many of our competitors, our systems are designed from the ground up to accommodate the unique needs of 3rd party building owners.

If you’re a building owner with a rooftop antenna lease on your property, learn more about selling your lease to Vertical Bridge with our Rooftop Lease Buyout Program.

Vertical Bridge’s experience and knowledge offer tremendous advantages to landowners. Our national reach allows us to find quick and efficient solutions and our private ownership gives us the flexibility to adapt to the needs of landowners. With Vertical Bridge, landowners get more from their property including long-term tenants, competitive pricing and a dedicated team of experts who prioritize safety, reliability and limited access to your structures.

For landowners looking to transfer or exit a current, long-term lease, Vertical Bridge can provide a Ground Lease Buyout. Our team can help you analyze and restructure your current lease so it reflects the true value of your land. We make it our priority to ensure landowners are satisfied, offering both lump- sum payments as well as structured payouts against the current lease rent payments.

Our teams work closely with utility companies to maximize income opportunities and generate additional revenue from structures such as communications and transmission towers, generating facilities, water tanks and substations. Our deep utility experience, leadership and knowledge allow us to seamlessly manage locations according to company protocols as well as local regulations so utilities can stay focused on their core business.

Billboards are an attractive asset class for broadband providers looking to expand their networks – generally with small cell antennas. Vertical Bridge helps billboard owners market their portfolios to carriers, secure advantageous leases and maximize their short- and long-term revenue.  Vertical Bridge understands the unique issues that companies must work through to place telecom equipment on billboard structures.

Highway and roadway corridors are prime locations for communication infrastructure but are often subject to difficult zoning laws at the local, state or federal level. Our team of development, legal and real estate experts understand all the technical and public policy requirements for installing and maintaining communication infrastructure on right-of-way corridors. We work with the state and federal departments of transportation to create desirable colocation sites for carriers that result in recurring revenue streams for rights-of-way owners.

Our solutions emphasize speed-of-implementation and scalability in the busiest urban and retail environments. Retail locations offer more space to accommodate a variety of options like rooftops, canopies and poles, making it easy to add, maintain and update infrastructure as network needs evolve. We remove the logistic hurdles from the densification process, using both existing structures to accelerate construction and master-lease agreements to eliminate the need for individual site documentation and pricing negotiations.

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Let us help you bolster both capacity and coverage with our portfolio of colocation sites that span all 50 states.


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Interested in opportunities to buy out your current lease? As real estate owners, you can secure an easement with Vertical Bridge.

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