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Network Infrastructure

Driving Densification

The Vertical Bridge portfolio emphasizes speed-of-implementation and scalability, even in challenging urban and retail environments. We remove the logistic hurdles from the densification process and use master-lease agreements to eliminate the need for individual site documentation and negotiations.

Always looking up

Whether for 5G, relocating post-repack or the transition to new technologies, wireless and broadcast carriers need a partner who can help them evolve their networks. Vertical Bridge owns and master-leases over 11,000 towers, making us the largest private operators of broadband towers in the country, and we own the nation’s largest portfolio of broadcast towers. Our multi-tenant, long-term leasing model ensures that carriers always have new site options and the ability to keep their customers connected.

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Rapid response to data demand

As mobile-first lifestyles continue to proliferate, requirements for additional bandwidth, ultra-low latency, higher speeds and transport cost reduction will be key to delivering content that consumers demand. Vertical Bridge has teamed up with leading edge data center providers to make edge computing a reality. Built where the network architecture requires it, these assets provide optimal locations to bring computing and processing close to the end-users and to where the data is being generated, collected, analyzed and actioned.

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Use more of every square foot

Building owners and carriers know how valuable having a strong wireless service can be to prospective tenants; 80 percent of cellular traffic originates indoors. Furthermore, as private networks become more prominent and property owners and tenants seek enhanced public safety solutions inside their properties, the need for robust in-building coverage becomes even more critical. Unfortunately, most commercial properties under 600,000 square feet still lack consistent wireless connectivity, and a traditional capital expenditure-based model for in-building wireless networks is expensive to install and difficult to maintain. Partnering with industry experts, Vertical Bridge has introduced an innovative technology platform along with a flexible pricing model based on operating expenses.

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Small footprint, big connections

The wireless industry has evolved quickly in recent years to keep pace with the exponential growth in demand for broadband. This requires finding new ways to extend coverage beyond traditional macro towers, which may not be feasible in urban or suburban areas where they are most often stressed. We offer a variety of structures for small-cell colocation to help our clients deliver better networks to their customers including billboards, street furniture, rooftops and more.

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We pride ourselves on being true business partners to wireless operators and broadcasters, as well as real estate owners.

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Our goal is to provide superior service and best-in-class infrastructure solutions in a dynamic market.

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